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Finding Yesterday

Lucas Jameson has given up on women. In his opinion, they’re only good for one thing, and one thing only. That’s one of the reasons he became a park ranger. The other reason was to get away from the big city and his ex-girlfriend. He’s not the type to take orders from anyone, especially a woman. Living in a cabin in the woods, alone, was more his style. … Read More Finding Yesterday

Dirty Villains Anthology

Yes! Another great anthology has just been released! From the creative minds of some of the best authors of erotica romance comes an anthology of magnificent proportions! Stories included in this anthology are: Deceptive Desires… by Cheri Marie and LB Russell Vendetta… by Jaime Russell A Tale of Two Mutants… by Alexis R. Craig Scars of My Brother… by Chelle C. Craze The Marvelous Madam Mim… by … Read More Dirty Villains Anthology


This Rose Has Thorns is available now! If you got your copy of The Parlour: All Access Anthology then you know the story of Rose and her part in the anthology.  But, now, Rose is in her own book! This Rose Has Thorns has been revamped and some extra “scenes” added for your reading pleasure! Stop by Amazon and pick up your e-copy today … Read More AVAILABLE NOW! 

Exciting News!

Sooo, my story, A Ranger’s Heart, was included in the Alpha Males in Uniforms Anthology! But, due to differences between the publisher and myself, it has been removed from that anthology and all rights have reverted back to me. With that being said… A Ranger’s Heart will be re-titled and updated with more story lines and re-released as a stand-alone later this year! Also, … Read More Exciting News!

A Ranger’s Heart Coming July 4th!

A Ranger’s Heart, part of the Alpha Males in Uniform Anthology! Due to be released July 4th 2018! Follow the links below and get you pre-order in today! You’re not going to want to miss this one! .•*¨) 🌟 ¸.•*´¨) 🌟 (¸.•´ 🌟 A Ranger’s Heart By: Alexis R. Craig Lucas Jameson is a loner, that’s one of the reasons he became a park ranger. The other reason was to … Read More A Ranger’s Heart Coming July 4th!